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My household has been upside down for the past couple of weeks. Danny has been sick, my husband was sick and now I’m sick…great. Now I’m just waiting for Cooper to get sick to finish it off. I finally got a new “high tech” cell phone and hate it. I just want to go back to the days where a phone was just a phone. I really don’t hate it, I’m getting used to it. Its just that every application asks for a password and I dread using passwords cause I never remember them.

My pastor from childhood is moving to do missionary work and although I do not go to that church anymore I am really going to miss him and his sermons. He is such a great preacher. It is bittersweet for me; I am really happy for him and his wife but at the same time I thought he was going to grow old at my home church and he was always going to be there if I ever needed to talk. He became the pastor their right around the time I began going to that church so it was neat to see him grow and to see myself grow along with him and alot of other people in that church that I hold dear to my heart. Its funny how things can impact your life and all you are doing is just living life. Its not until that part of your life is over and you look back and think how special those moments were. I hope Danny can become connected and feel part of something so big that he will never forget for the rest of his life. I know that he will not be able to find a pastor and a youth minister quite like mine. But I sure hope he comes really close to it.


Its been a while!!!!

It has been a long time since I have blogged and I feel alot has happened! Danny has been growing like a weed. He is 11 months now and is already walking.  He is babbling a lot more now trying out new sounds and syllables. He loves to play with Cooper pulling his hair, ears and tail. Between trying to eat Cooper’s food and giving Cooper Cheerios it is hard to keep up with him. He loves to climb up the stairs and he loves baths! We just celebrated Halloween and Danny dressed up as Mickey Mouse…that should be no surprise!

We took him to Dewberry Farm and Danny had a blast with feeding the goats and seeing all the farm animals.  We DSC00702picked out a big pumkin to put out in our front porch as well!

We are having such a blast playing with Danny and taking him to try new things. We recently took him to the water wall near the Galleria here are some pics.


Poor little guy had his first ant bites during that trip, hence the picture of him on the grass. 

Danny is so spoiled by his grandparents on both sides! We feel so blessed to have so much support. Lucky for me and Carlos, Danny’s grandmothers cook him some healthy vegetables and soups which really helps us out especially me since I don’t cook.   Our families have been so supportive showing so much love towards Danny that we feel very lucky to have each and every one of them as part of our family! I also posted some cute random pictures from the past months.


2009 FJ Expedition

I would like to say that our trip started without a hitch but I would be lying. We headed out at 3am early Saturday morning and both I and Carlos were very tired. You just don’t interrupt a sleep lover’s sleep. We finally arrived in Blue Water Lake, New Mexico and it was cold. We were unable to sleep because the wind was flapping the window covers all night ( we thought it was a bear all night)! The next morning we took a few pictures by the lake. Here is our first picture:
Blue Water Lake, NM

Blue Water Lake, NM

We packed up our tent and headed to Utah. We made a stop at the 4 Corners Monument which was really neat, being able to be in 4 states at one time. We finlly arrived in Moab, Utah and the weather was really nice, it was hot but not humid. We hiked to the Delicate Arch which took 2 hours roundtrip. It felt awesome standing under the arch. I got to yell, “I’m on top of the world” and the echo was impressive! Poor Danny slept the entire hike, due to the heat and the fact that it took place in the middle of his nap. I really didn’t think I was going to make it to the top, it was gruelling.  The hike down was much easier for me but harder for Carlos since he had Danny in the Kelty carrier and had to go slow so he wouldn’t tumble down the mountain. 

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

We 4 wheeled down the Canyonlands National Park and did primitive camping for two nights inside the canyon by the White Rim. It was an experience being down there away from civilization, I really enjoyed it. The off roading was hard on all of us. Danny didn’t complain but we felt really guilty for having him in the carseat all day on a bumpy dirt trail. Here are some pics:Expedition 2009 566







Expedition 2009 253

After two days of primitive camping we headed back up the canyon to Moab.  We stayed in several campsites. Gabby, Danny and I went to a winery and had a wine tasting while the boys did Hell’s Revenge, a hardcore off roading trail on pure rocks. After seeing the pictures I am really glad we stayed behind.  Carlos and I did white river rafting on the Colorado river. I will post a picture soon!  Gabby and I did canyoneering which is rappelling 120ft down the canyon.  I am very glad I did this because it allowed me to go to an eco system. It was a highlight of the trip for me, being able to be down there where it was really cool (it was hot at the top of the canyon), there was a natural spring coming out of the rocks that we drank from. It felt very clean; there is no other way to describe it.DSC_0041


 We rappelling down to the bottom


Carlos and I headed back to Texas a little earlier than anticipated because we were worn out. We just really needed to get back and relax a little before our big move.  We drove through Colorado which was the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. We have been to Colorado during the winter and it was beautiful then too. This time we were able to see the snow melting from the top of the mountains creating small waterfalls cascading down the mountain. We also drove by the White River, which now I know why its called white, it must have the best rapids I have ever seen. We had lunch at a small bistro in Breckenridge, CO. It was pretty but we really liked Vail, CO. The best part of the trip for me was seeing the gold mountains. I have never seen anything like it! The mountains literally looked like they were coated in GOLD! It was beautiful!! Our way back home was much more relaxing for all of us but poor Danny had come to the end of his rope in the carseat by then. Once we hit Huntsville he started to get fussy from sitting in the carseat all day. This was our first family trip and we learned alot about taking a trip with a baby. It was worth it for us to be able to expierience the good times and the tough times as a family on this trip. Carlos and I saw that we are more alike than not which taught us to trust each other in the decisions that we make when pertaining to our family.

Saturday 05/09/09

Today we went to Carlos’s friends civil ceremony. It was so nice to sit and watch such a union take place. You really get a different perspective when you are a guest and not the bride, it is alot more relaxed.  I am so excited that this couple married, they are great for each other and I am sure will have a wonderful marriage! We came back home and are having a lazy afternoon. Danny of course, did not let us take much of a nap but we managed to squeeze a small one in. Now we are up and hanging out doing nothing although there are tons of chores that need to get done before our big expedition to Utah. Yes, Utah we are taking the FJ and going camping in the Utah mountains. This will be Danny’s first vacation so we are excited yet nervous because we do not really know what to expect. I know that we will have lots of fun and lots of bonding without the daily distractions of life! We will post pictures when we come back and let you know how it went. Wish us lots of luck!!!!!

8 Months!!!!!!!

We are almost there! I am so excited, I posted a picture below. I am having some odd feelings due to the pregnancy, like burning on the top of my belly due to stretching and killer calf cramps. He moves alot and he is growing alot, he is 4lbs. right now!   

 We finally moved into our new home and I am still getting used to living in the new area.  We are almost finished setting up his nursery. I am due November 21st or 23rd. I will be giving birth at Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center, I believe the labor and delivery dept. is in the Hermann pavillion 5th or 6th floor.  I found it closer to park in the parking garage near the emergency room. 

Thank you everyone for voting on the theme of the nursery, unfortunately we did not pick either of the 3 themes. In case you are curious the Mickey Mouse theme won.


8 Months

8 Months

Nursery theme


I am now well into my 5th month of pregnancy. I would post a picture but frankly I am too lazy to go upstairs and get the camera.  Plus, I think I’ve gotten smaller these past couple of days, weird.  I am feeling alot better and only having to take nausea medicine about twice a week.  Most of the time I rather stay at home and relax due to the fatigue and HEAT (it’s hot out there!). Cooper is feeling alot better too, I haven’t seen him vomit in over a week, yay!  We are almost completely done with deciding what we want for the baby. The only thing we or more I can’t decide on is the nursery theme. I posted some pictures of different themes, let me know which one you like best…

Mickey and sports

Mickey and sports



Hawaiin-surf theme

Hawaiin-surf theme

These are our thoughts- we wanted to find out the sex of the baby because we didn’t want neutral colors.

The Vintage Mickey Mouse was the first one we fell in love with but at times I feel there’s too much going on.

 The blue, gray and white theme I liked alot plus we could put a piece of furniture we have that’s gray in the room. My thoughts- it seems that this is a recurring color scheme for me, I didn’t realize that I liked it so much. Plus, if we move our furniture to the nursery just because it matches, our bedroom would be so bare. Our bedroom is already a gray and white color (I’ve had it the same blue, gray and white before). Plus, maybe those colors are too soft, I feel we need a splash of color in our home.

The dark blue and white hibiscus (hawaiin theme) I like because we can make it into a surf theme and put Carlos’s surf boards in there. One is red so it would also give it a bright splash of color without being so overbearing. I could even make a grass skirt window valance and tie in the bed pattern as the border of the valance. Plus, we just saw some cute yet cheap decorations at Party City that I could dress up by framing them.  I like this theme because its not so bland yet it won’t feel like there is too much going on (as long as I don’t get carried away with the decor) plus we could use it to store Carlos’s surf stuff. 

Let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!! I promise to post pictures of my belly next time!

4 months!!!

I am 4 months now, yay!!! There is a picture for you to see how my belly is growing. I am feeling alot better now, I barely get any nausea or vomitting, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.  I am starting to feel like I have a small balloon in my belly when I try to sleep. We just bought the babies crib today, it is a white Pali crib!!!!  We are trying to keep the furniture white since we have other random white furniture that we can stick in the nursery as well.  It feels weird knowing we have a crib, but it will stay in the garage until we move so I won’t be reminded of it too much.

Babies Name

Ok, Ok, Ok. We see that there has been some confusion as to what the babies name will be. His name is not going to be first name: Danie;l Middle name: Kurtz; last name: Mazzei nor will it be first name:Daniel; Last names: Mazzei Kurtz. The reason why I did not want him to have the last names to be Mazzei Kurtz is because here in the US we use the very last name when referring to him ex. Daniel Kurtz instead of how it should be Daniel Mazzei. I was thinking that having his middle name as Kurtz then people really wouldn’t use it, he would just go by Daniel Mazzei most of the time or Daniel K. Mazzei. Since the middle name isn’t a big deal here. At this point we don’t even know if his name will still be Daniel. So we will just call him baby until his mother and father decide on his entire name.

15 Weeks

Hello! I am 15 weeks now and I am feeling better and better as it progresses. I am trying to do cardio at the pool on a regular bases to keep my energy up so if you want to join me just give me a ring! 

He’s growing and I think I am starting to feel him. Or maybe its my tummy and all the insides stretching?  I bought him his first pair of shoes this past weekend. They are really cute and it will be his first act of charity because when you buy a pair you are also purchasing a pair for a needy child. You can’t ever start to early! 

Hello world!

Hello friends! I am starting this pregnancy blog so that you can keep track of whats going on with me and the baby. I know that some of you are very far away and for others it’s a busy world and rarely get to see each other so I hope that this blog helps you feel a little more connected to the new life Carlos and I have started together. Leave us comments because we love to hear from you as well!