Just felt like writing

My household has been upside down for the past couple of weeks. Danny has been sick, my husband was sick and now I’m sick…great. Now I’m just waiting for Cooper to get sick to finish it off. I finally got a new “high tech” cell phone and hate it. I just want to go back to the days where a phone was just a phone. I really don’t hate it, I’m getting used to it. Its just that every application asks for a password and I dread using passwords cause I never remember them.

My pastor from childhood is moving to do missionary work and although I do not go to that church anymore I am really going to miss him and his sermons. He is such a great preacher. It is bittersweet for me; I am really happy for him and his wife but at the same time I thought he was going to grow old at my home church and he was always going to be there if I ever needed to talk. He became the pastor their right around the time I began going to that church so it was neat to see him grow and to see myself grow along with him and alot of other people in that church that I hold dear to my heart. Its funny how things can impact your life and all you are doing is just living life. Its not until that part of your life is over and you look back and think how special those moments were. I hope Danny can become connected and feel part of something so big that he will never forget for the rest of his life. I know that he will not be able to find a pastor and a youth minister quite like mine. But I sure hope he comes really close to it.


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